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Selling your property?
Advertise your property for FREE and pay 1% Commission ONLY if a sale is concluded through us. For your convenience, we have introduced a property upload form to upload all needed information including your property images in two simple steps.

Step One:
Fill in all the fields in the provided form. In order to have a good description of your property, it is strongly recommended that optional fields such as ‘Property Description, Property Features, Extra Property Details and Room Dimensions’ are also filled in. Press submit before choosing any images for upload.

Step Two:
Press the "Add files..." button and select up to fifty (50) images at one go from your computer. Press "Start upload" and wait for the upload to complete.

Please note that only .jpg, .png, .gif and .pdf files are accepted. Please be patient and DO NOT refresh the page while images are being uploaded. This process might take a few minutes if a large number of images or large file sizes have been selected.

The uploaded property will not be published instantly. Following verification, FSM Properties reserves the right to change, insert or delete the submitted information at its discretion. All uploaded images are subject for approval and eventually resizing. It is at the company’s discretion whether any submitted property will be published and advertised on the website.
A notification will always be sent on the provided e-mail address if the property will be published or not. In all cases FSM Properties Personnel will call you on the provided Mobile Number to acknowledge each insertion.