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Most Popular Beaches in Malta, Gozo And Comino
(3rd August 2014)

Bathing sites in Malta, Gozo and Comino have been ranked above the EU average.  97% of all bathing sites on the Maltese islands have excellent water quality according to the latest bathing water report issued by the European Environment agency!


Ghajn tuffieha bayGhajn tuffieha Bay is the place where green meets blue.  This northern beach is quieter compared to its sister beach Golden Bay.  One need to go down about 200 stairs to reach the beach however the beauty of the red sandy beach will make up for all future efforts to go back up.  Watching the sunset over the sea is a view you don’t want to miss here.  The water remain shallow for a long distance.  There is a kiosk open all day during the summer months while umbrellas and lounge chairs are available for rent.


Ramla Bay is the biggest sandy beach on Gozo and probably the most outstanding one of the Ramla Bay gozowhole Maltese islands.  The beach is about half a kilometre long.  The sea here remains shallow for a very long distance and the colour of its deep sand is orange-reddish.  The bay is enclosed within an arc of verdant hills and flaky yellow rocks which adds to the unique panorama beauty of the area.  The beach is very safe for swimming and ideal for families with kids.  There are umbrellas and lounge chairs for hire.  Ramla Beach was the first beach in Gozo to be awarded the Blue Flag status as a result of the quality and facilities offered.


golden bayGolden Bay is one of Malta's most beautiful sandy beaches, situated in a remote area on the northwest coast of the island.  This beach is located right across a popular 5 star hotel thus quite popular with tourists and locals alike.  Golden Bay is the second biggest sandy beach of the island and is easily accessible.  There is a small car park right beside the beach and another big parking area few metres to the right of the hotel.  The beach is a popular spot for evening beach barbecues where one can enjoy spectacular sunset views either from the beach or from the Tower in between Golden Bay and Ghajn Tuffieha.


Ghadira Bay is the biggest white sandy beach on the island located in the village of Mellieha, north ofghadira beach melliehaMalta and popular for water sports.  The beach remains shallow until quite far out making it a perfect place for families with young kids.  It is situated opposite a busy main road underneath the town of Mellieha.  The beach is equipped with many beach umbrellas and sun loungers, available for hire.  There are a number of kiosks and snack bars along the beach apart from excellent watersports facilities.


paradise bay maltaParadise Bay  overlooks Cirkewwa harbour in Malta and is another picturesque sandy beach in Malta with clear crystal emerald waters.    There is a small car park just before heading down to the beach.  The beach offers water sports facilities while beach umbrellas and chairs are available for hire.  There is a restaurant/kiosk selling snacks and drinks.  



The Blue Lagoon situated on the island of Comino is probably the most breathtaking swimming blue lagoon cominospot on the island for its unique crystal clear waters.  The sandy beach is quite small, infact it’s difficult to find a spot unless one goes there quite early however it is possible to stay on the rocks.  Boats leaving from both harbours of Gozo and Malta can take you to the Blue Lagoon which is not the only beach on Comino.  Read more on Comino.


property forsale, to let, malta, fsm